Patient feedback is gold in healthcare. Hospitals need an effective way for patients to provide feedback about their experiences.

With the Accountable Care Model under Obama Healthcare Act, responding to patient care in a meaningful way becomes mandatory. But, you can not solve the issues if the measurement tools do not give you the flexibility. PatientTalkback allows you to customize the questions very easily, adopting to your needs as the circumstances change.

Currently, the surveys are being administered using a cumbersome, inefficient, expensive and labor-intensive process. Paper-based forms have to be prepared and mailed, and users contacted with follow-up phone calls and emails, often leading to less than 20% return rate. By the time Patients complete the survey, they have forgotten their true experiences at the hospital. This leads to inconsistent observations in the survey results. The Government mandated questions on the form do not cover all the important aspects of service delivery and is not good enough to derive meaningful conclusions. Finally, the hospitals are forced to be on a reactive mode - they are not able to fix the problem while it is occurring.


Using 'PatientTalkback' easy to use interactive tool, patients and their families can provide real time feedback about their experience.

We make it convenient for patients to give you their feedback, while being at the hospital, right when they are facing the problem. All they have to do is scan a QR code and an "app” appears on their mobile device. They can provide positive or negative feedback on many topics including food, room environment, staff, etc. Users can choose to report dissatisfaction on a variety of categories and items of interest. Hospitals can also administer the survey on a Tablet while or after the service has been rendered.

Providing patients with the opportunity to explain their perspectives in their own language will create a unique patient review experience. Additionally, patients might otherwise be reluctant to report dissatisfaction directly about the staff. By providing an easy to use, secure, and confidential platform, patients will provide valuable information about quality of the care and services within the Hospital or Care Facility.


Make it convenient for hospitals to tailor the survey to their needs and make it responsive, cost-effective and meaningful.

Even as the patient is providing feedback, the data is transmitted to the concerned departments and individuals in real time, allowing them to take corrective action on the spot. By being responsive, hospitals have the opportunity with our software to convert a dissatisfied patient to a satisfied customer.

Once their feedback has been received, the hospital staff can respond with rapid follow-up. Comments can be mined and directed to specific departments for rapid results. Positive comments are collected as well, sending a compliment to the managers responsible for care.

You can use our system to generate the reports and analytics you need to evaluate the situation and take proper corrective action. By helping you understand the root causes, you will be able to fix the real problem and not just the symptoms that lead to patient dissatisfaction.

The system does not collect any private or personally identifiable information about the patient, and is within the HIPAA guidelines for patient privacy. Of course, you can choose to add questions that are patient specific and we will help you to maintain patient confidentiality in the process.